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19 February 2014 ~ Comments Off on Black History Month 2014

Black History Month 2014

Recently we did a search on Black History Month in Google and to my shock 12,470,000 websites were provided on the target. To my discouragement, from the leading 10 sites, hardly any was stated regarding the Founder of Black History Month (formerly Negro Record Week) Dr. Carter G. Woodson. Even much less was stated about why it was developed to begin with.

Dr. Carter G. Woodson made just what is now referred to as Black History Month not simply to add “The Negro” into record, but to rewrite just what had actually been created of him. In his classic work, “The Mis-education of the Negro” Dr. Woodson specifics just how in nearly every training and subject in institution The Negro is represented as substandard if depicted whatsoever. His special skills and gifts were never ever highlighted in a means that would certainly make him really feel equal as a member of a multicultural culture. And, in the majority of courses, it was instructed that The Negro had actually contributed nothing of worth to civilizations present or previous. Dr. Woodson started Negro History week to infuse the Negro with an effective self-image and worldview that would make him want to combine and become a positive interject the advancement of his people.

Below we are today in 2014, 82 years from the inception of Negro Record Week. Can we share that the spirit of Dr. Carter G. Woodson still exists in Black History Month? Dr. Carter G. Woodson wanted Negro History week to inspire us to work together to make the Black Family at the very least equivalent to other cultures fiscally, socially, culturally, politically and in education.

He authored over 18 books and magazines dealing with the Life and Past of the Negro. He began the Association for the Research study of Negro Life, which posted the Journal of Negro Life. And, he founded Negro Past Week now know of as Black Past Month.

He completed all the above to infuse in us a need for uniformity. And, for we all to end up being a positive interject the development of Black property owner. Instructor, Chronicler, Business owner, Writer and Author, Dr. Carter G. Woodson is the Spirit of Black Past month and should be kept in mind as such. Once in a while it’s good to search the records an uncover little errors in the history timeline. Black History Month is a proud time for all.

13 December 2013 ~ Comments Off on Video Marketing by Concept Marketing in Plainville, CT

Video Marketing by Concept Marketing in Plainville, CT

video marketing Concept MarketingVideo Marketing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is becoming popular in the digital age and is among one of the most effective revenue generating online marketing methods. The function video marketing is to get viewers to get engaged and click to your site, to buy, inform, or generate brand awareness. The object is for more favorites and clicks, and therefore driving possible and repeat customers to the internet site. Like any online marketing solution, it is based upon study and there are several tips and ideas to remember when using video advertising for SEO: cross-promotion, keywords, video marketing 2.0, sharing videos, and recycling videos.


The first tip for video advertising is to get your followers of popular videos to watch correlated videos, or cross promote. For SEO purposes, you need to get content that is related. Lets face it, trying to sell fish food on an insurance video doesn’t make much sense. When placing the video’s on your web pages, make sure to spread them around, try not to show a page with 30 videos, they will get lost and may not get seen. What helps is to drive inbound links. Now there are 2 different opinions. Videos take a lot of hp when hosted on your page. Be sure your hosted account can handle it. Otherwise you’ll have to host the videos on YouTube, Vimeo, or some other type of service. For SEO it’s always best to get inbound links.


To get the best results, your video should focus on 1 keyword, or keyword phrase. Diluting the video with 100’s of keywords gets you nowhere fast. Remember, the goal is to find your target audience. However, use keywords with discretion, in order to complement as opposed to distract audience attention. The current trend to blast as wide of a net as possible in hopes of getting to the target audience. Instead of thinking wide net, think laser guided missile. Video SEO need to serve 2 purposes: informing the consumer (material) and convincing the consumer (revenue).

Make Video Advertising 2.0

Firstly, buy the production of the video marketing title as it is one of the most powerful Online marketing devices. Make sure the video is engaging and interesting, expert, and if possible, timeless. (There is nothing even more distracting than viewing a video that was clearly made in the 1990s.) If the video is dull or out-of-date, viewers will become bored quickly and surf elsewhere. Likewise, see to it the video is not static; that is, not simply describing the quality of the video display, however more specifically to the interactive component. That is where the video marketing Web 2.0 is available. Think like blogging, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Encourage viewers to ask concerns, make comments, and offer feedback. The concerns and remarks from audiences offer the company an extra advantage: free data and information that can be used to improve the quality of the Video, or other aspect the company.

Likewise, make sure to adjust the video in order to reach all the viewers. There are audiences out there who have hearing or visual problems, and accommodating them with the technology will engage as opposed to alienate an essential demographic.

Sharing Videos

Share the video with anyone who will listen. Again the purpose is to get distribution and backlinks to your site. like gospel! Post the video on the business’s website. Post it to a blog site on the company’s internet site. Ask a partner or investor to share it on their website. Share it on Twitter. Develop a Facebook page and urge fans to such as the page. There are so lots of alternatives now to get the video out there.

Reuse Videos

Why reinvent the video wheel? A video can be broken up and divided into sections and be reused and marketed once more. It is more cost-efficient to recycle a video (unless it is outdated) than to pay to produce a new video. A powerful and ageless video should have the ability to reach site visitors for a long time.


Hopefully, comprehending some of the tips and tricks for video marketing will assist when video marketing for SEO. Cross-promotion, keywords, make video marketing 2.0, sharing videos, and reusing videos are a few of lots of ideas for advertising as part of your total Web marketing solution.

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26 November 2013 ~ Comments Off on Connecticut SEO Services by Concept Marketing LLC

Connecticut SEO Services by Concept Marketing LLC

Connecticut SEO ServicesConnecticut SEO services and website marketing is one of the most looked for after internet marketing services. With the boom in the IT industry, lots of SEO service business have started offering SEO services to customers worldwide.

The leading SEO positions shall attract more site visitors to the site and the main aim of the SEO advertising model is to target clients keen on the company services. Google is among the most popular search engines and there are lots of businessmen and web designers focusing their efforts on getting greater search engine positions for their keywords. To get the best Connecticut SEO Marketing services, you can go to the Concept Marketing LLC website at http://conceptmarketingllc.com .

Write, submit, revise, and keep going! SEO Optimization is a never ending project. I love the sites that guarantee 1st place placement for $99 a month. It’s important to understand that it takes time, and patience to get web sites to the top of the heap. In, Connecticut there is one company that offers their services and as it seems is doing well, by taking the time to educate their clients on the seo process. Once a month you need to compare your website against other competitors. Not only do new websites pop up, but Google, Yahoo, and Bing, constantly change their ranking criteria. We have seen sites go from #2 to not indexed, only to re-appear at #1 3 weeks later.

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10 October 2013 ~ Comments Off on Wine Decor Community News

Wine Decor Community News

With numerous different wine decor designs of decoration offered, there is one that actually stands apart when it involves complete sophistication for your residence – wine decoration. I know, you’re thinking “what a strange type of house decor”, yet you will recognize shortly.

Widely used in this design are grapevine perimeters, pictures and anything associated with wine! Numerous people search for these items online, yet make use of grapes and wine to associate with the decor instead compared to French.

Some of the elegant cork cages made use of as wall decoration in this style are wine bottle photos and shadowboxes. These are extremely stunning with their deep, abundant burgundy and blue shades and weather-beaten timber surface structures. These hues appear to develop a fantastic sensation of warmth and relaxation. There are additionally beautiful clocks offered that coordinate with the wall fine art.

One more item utilized in wine decoration are the ornamental wall plates. These are definitely breath-taking, with porcelain layers accented with multicolored grapes and greenery, the entire show hung by a metal grapevine hanger. If you wish to add a distinct touch to your dining-room or cooking area, these attractive plate displays will definitely do it!

To include even more beauty to wine decoration, wrought iron is the perfect touch. You can discover countertop grapevine bars, scrollwork wine racks, and also an elaborate wall surface hutch the dimension of a bakers rack that holds over 20 containers of wine. What I like best of all is the Legnoart Corkscrew.

10 October 2013 ~ Comments Off on Black Women in Business Ownership Roles

Black Women in Business Ownership Roles

Black Woman for Business

Black Women

Black Women

The first black woman millionaire was a lady Madame C. J. Walker. Since her time until today women have actually played a crucial function in the success & survival of Black owned companies. Black business women have actually had to sustain not only bigotry but also sexism.

In order for our individuals to be effective & increase from poverty and anguish the Black women need to take the lead. I understand a lot of the men will be mad at me for saying that. Black women are at the head of most of our homes & are making the financial decisions in many families.

Black women should look to become business owners & company owners & not always give away your natural Divine Skill & Ingenuity. There are thousands of concepts & developments that came from the mind of the Black lady that corporate America is making Billions on. It’s time for the Black woman to money in on her own concepts and take the money to better the lives of herself & household.

You know you always desired to to. You might state I do not know where to begin! I do not have correct business training!

What if I informed you that I have the solution to all of your supposed reasons! A dynamic company dedicated to building wealth & making more powerful businesses in our area. It’s called the Black Business Builders Club this company is the most complete wealth building program available duration. It provides extensive business training to all of it’s participants. Whether you are looking to begin a company, are an existing company owner wanting to enhance earnings the subscribers to Black Health Magazine is the best publication for you.

Black Woman Business Owners

Black Women Business Owners

Network With Black Women Business Owners

The Black Business Builders Club Is full of members who are professionals in nearly every field of business & are more than going to assist you in your venture. As the stating goes” It’s Not Exactly what You Know. It’s Who You Know!”There is strength in numbers. So, if our companies are going to make it through and grow, we are going to have to work at much better arranging ourselves & support each other. Similar to every other”self-interest” group in America has had to find out to arrange themselves. No one is going to do it for us. We have to network & help each other to be effective. This is what Black Health Magazine is about. It’s gives you the adaptability to work part-time & still be successful. The comprehensive entrepreneurial training gives you the expertise and understanding on the best ways to create and run an effective company. This program will also teach existing business owners ways to enhance their earnings. Provide an additional income. And conserve you money on everyday products & services with our shopping price cut perk.

10 October 2013 ~ Comments Off on Black Women Health issues at Large

Black Women Health issues at Large

Black Women Health Issues ReviewBlack Women Health

A number of fatal illness strike black women Americans more difficult and more often than they do white Americans.
Battling back implies hereditary research. It indicates altering the system for checking new medicines. It implies enhancing wellness education. It implies overcoming variations in healthcare. It means investments targeted to the health of black Americans. And the proof so far indicates that these investments will pay health dividends not just for racial minorities, but for everybody.
Recommended Associated with High blood pressure
– Heart-Healthy
Your physician says you have to make some changes in your life: Start a heart-healthy diet plan, exercise a little, stop cigarette smoking, and more. You likewise walked away with some medication to take. Perhaps you’re wondering: Why cannot medicine alone suffice? Does way of living really make a difference?
Check out the Heart-Healthy Diet and Workout article)) Yet we’re closer to the start of the fight than to the end. Some numbers:.
Diabetes is 60 % more common in black Americans than in white Americans. Blacks are up to 2.5 times most likely to suffer a limb amputation and up to 5.6 times more likely to suffer kidney condition than other people with diabetic issues.
– Black Women and Men are 3 times more likely to pass away of asthma than white Americans.
Fatalities from lung scarring– sarcoidosis– are 16 times more usual among blacks than amongst whites. The condition recently eliminated former NFL star Reggie White at age 43.
In spite of lower tobacco exposure, black guys are 50 % more likely than white guys to get lung cancer cells.
Strokes kill 4 times more 35- to 54-year-old black Americans than white Americans. Blacks have nearly two times the novice stroke danger of whites.
Blacks establish high blood pressure earlier in life– and with much greater blood pressure levels– than whites. Nearly 42 % of black guys and more than 45 % of black women matured 20 and older have high blood pressure.
Cancer cells therapy is similarly effective for all races. Black men have a 40 % greater cancer cells fatality rate than white guys. African-American ladies have a 20 % greater cancer fatality rate than white ladies.

Keep in mind most statistics can be found HERE.

17 September 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Black Health and Glaucoma

Black Health awareness issue #1

After cataracts, glaucoma is the leading reason for blindness in African Americans. Half of those with glaucoma have no idea they have it.

Glaucoma strikes earlier and progresses faster in African Americans. Black Health goes largely unrecognized by the mainstream media.
The threat for glaucoma is 20 % greater if glaucoma is in your household.
African Americans belonging to any of these danger groups have an also higher danger of establishing glaucoma:.

Over age 40.
Extreme nearsightedness.
High blood pressure.
Long term steroid usage.
Glaucoma occurs regarding five times a lot more typically in African Americans. Loss of sight from glaucoma has to do with 6 times more common. Greater regularity, glaucoma usually occurs earlier in life in African Americans– on standard, concerning 10 years previously compared to in other ethnic populaces.

African Americans should get an extensive check for glaucoma every one to two years after age 35.

Why exists a distinction?
The factors for the greater fee of eye issues

and subsequent blindness amongst African Americans are still unknown. Nonetheless, research programs that African Americans are genetically more in danger for glaucoma, making early diagnosis and therapy even more important.

In studies such as the Baltimore Eye Survey and the Barbados Eye Study, analysts have actually explored how glaucoma influences various black health populations. Info from these and other studies will certainly aid us much better understand the danger factors for African Americans, and ultimately, in developing more effective procedures.

Black Health Glaucoma

Black Health Glaucoma

Does the eye treatment vary?
Procedure varies for all people, the general objective is to prevent additional damages and sight loss from glaucoma. One way that optometrist find to fulfill this goal is to pursue a target eye tension. The issue arises as a small percentage of the Black Health Community.

In African Americans, glaucoma generally occurs earlier, commonly with a better fee of eyesight reduction. Because of this, an eye doctor could deal with a patient to target an eye tension that might be lower than for other glaucoma patients.

It is necessary to note, nonetheless, that therapies could not be generalized. Each patient, no matter race, need to continuously be assessed on the personal state of his/her illness, with a target tension and treatment plan one-of-a-kind per patient.

Much still needs to be learned regarding why African Americans are more at risk for glaucoma, one point is particular. Early diagnosis and procedure is type in avoiding eyesight reduction from glaucoma.

Glaucoma Runs in Family members.
Study has actually revealed that brother or sisters of individuals figured out in no single fault of their own with glaucoma have almost a 10-fold raised threat of having glaucoma when compared with brother or sisters of individuals without glaucoma.

This means that the black health 65 years of age brother or sister of a European-derived person has regarding a 10 % chance of having glaucoma, while a 65 year old brother or sister of an African American has nearly a 20 % chance of having glaucoma.

Clearly siblings and relatives of patients with glaucoma require normal eye examinations with special attention to cautious screening for glaucoma.

16 September 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Obama Healthcare

barack obama


President Obama has officially revealed the addition of 2 new leaders on the White House Effort on Historically Black Colleges and Colleges.

The initiative targets Historically Black Colleges and Colleges to enhance the 100+ institutions across the country and gain back the spirit in which the HBCUs were born in.

The leaders designated by Head of state Obama are Dr. George Cooper and Dr. Ivory Toldson who will presume as Executive Director and Replacement Director, respectively. Dr. Cooper and Dr. Toldson are expected to work as a team to lead the White House’s nationwide effort to promote the rich customs of the institutions, reinforce them, and lift up their pupils.

The Effort follows the President’s lengthy strategy to keep university inexpensive for all pupils. The White House is expecting an answer to the seriousness of the situation soon. Keep in touch by supporting our site at Black Health Magazine.